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Seaplane Tours

Seaplane tours from our dock - Laconia

We book on the hour 10am through the hour before sunset. Mornings and evenings are generally the calmest air and most desired times to fly off the water. We plan on your arrival 5-10 minutes before the hour you book. If you are running late, please give us a call or text. We do our best to stay on schedule. We have 5 passenger seats for families with children. All passengers have windows and headsets. We have a lot of fun!

Seaplane tours from private beaches

We book mornings or evenings for private tours from your dock or beach when winds are generally quiet. We assess your location for accommodation of our 40' wingspan. Our wing is 6' off the water. Each dock is different and all flights from private docks are pending ideal weather conditions. Beaches are preferred. Give us an email or call with your address to start. We can accommodate parties of 6 or more with multiple flights.

Sunset Flights

Sunset flight times vary throughout the season. We book reservations until 7pm during  June and July. This is considered the "golden hour" for photographers when mountains take on a spectacular glow and the layers of color stretch to the horizon.

Foliage Flights

Our scenic flights begin a few weeks after ice out and continue through Fall foliage depending on weather. Our favorite months to fly are June and September, when we have mild temperatures and lower boat traffic. We do our best to avoid seaplane tours during middle of the day July and August weekends when boat traffic is high. Air is generally calmer in mornings and evenings.

About Us

Dave French started his commercial flying career in 1979 on Lake Winnipesaukee flying seaplane rides from the same location we are based today! Since then, he has logged over 15,000 hours total time. His experience includes flight instructing, Maine charter service flying, regional turboprop commuting, twin engine seaplane flying in Alaska and the Caribbean and 8 years of heavy jet operations around the world with ATA. He was fortunate enough to serve on the Boeing 757 and L10-11 Tri- Star, however, if you ask him what he loves most, he will undoubtedly assert seaplane flying to be his true passion! "It is the best of boating and flying in one package," he claims. Dave spent his childhood summers on Pine Island on the "Big Lake" beginning in 1961 and returned in 1991 to declare New Hampshire his full time permanent home.

   We made the giant leap of establishing our own small business with the help of family and friends in 2010. We both feel very fortunate to do what we love-promoting the beauty of the region and meeting great people. Dave enjoys sharing interesting stories and knowledge of the lake, pointing out historical highlights of the region and promoting general aviation. Give us a call for a flight or come by to say hello!

The M/S Mount Washington

Lakes Region Tours

Seaplane tours depart from our dock in Paugus Bay and head north to Weirs Beach. From there, we typically proceed over Pine Island and enjoy a clear view of the White Mountains and Ossipee Mountain range to the East. On clear days, Mount Washington is visible, the highest peak in the northeast. Castle In the Clouds is prominently seen on our typical tour. A gentle turn to the east takes you down the lake and over the numerous  islands that make Winnipesaukee so attractive to explore. Wolfeboro, the oldest resort town in America, is  included in our 30 minute tour. Winnipesaukee claims over 270 islands you will see from a unique perspective. Each day is different. Often the scene of the majestic M/S Mount Washington can be appreciated out on its dinner cruise.Tell us what is most important for you to see within 25 miles and we do our best to accommodate.Squam tours or custom tours are available. We have a chart to show you before departure, just let us know. 

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