Are reservations required?

Reservations help us plan for fuel, regular maintenance and FAA mandated inspections. Occasionally, it is necessary to reschedule flights to accommodate for this. We do not take deposits. We keep it simple. We just pencil you in and payment is due at flight time.

What about Mother Nature?

Most passengers hope for bright sunny skies for their flight, but often cloudy or drizzly days offer calm air and best light for photos and visual interest. You might even see a rainbow! The lake has many moods and each day is different. Safety and comfort is always first priority and we want everyone to have the most pleasant flight possible. We cancel or reschedule for high winds, thunderstorms, reduced visibility or heavy rain. We give as much notice as possible. Please call or text us to keep us notified if anything changes with you. We keep things simple. Payment is due at flight time.

Can I book a longer tour?

Yes. We cruise approximately 120mph, so we can cover all of Winnipesaukee or Squam in 30 minutes. If you want to add more time checking out something special, we offer a 45 minute flight UP TO 4 passengers for $390 total. 

Do you have weight restrictions?

Yes. We request approximate weights of heaviest and lightest when booking 4 or 5 adults to ensure that we are within our limits and it helps us plan for fuel. We require the lightest passengers to sit in back seats for a group of 4 or 5 passengers. All passengers have a window and headset.

What should I wear or bring?

We are casual and want you to be comfortable. Light attire on warm summer days is suggested. We do not have air conditioning, but we have air vents above each seat. Please, no high heels. Remember to bring a camera or phone for photos.